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Reclaimed Board Projects

Boards can add a decorative and utilitarian aspect to any room.

If you have an old board lying around, for instance an unused corkboard, but aren’t quite sure what to do with it, try a functional reclaimed design.

Remember the old-school bulletin boards and chalkboards? Channel this concept, but with an updated style.

If you just have a plain board that you want to enhance, try painting or stenciling it to convert it to a practical visual piece. Favorite sayings, recipes, wish lists or other designs can be put on it as a reminder board. Another idea that is perfect for fidgety kids is to make a bored board using leftover paper strips.

Also, you can purchase chalkboard paints that can be applied to create an instant writing surface. There are organic paints available, or you can make your own and use up some old supplies that you may have.

If you happen to have a lot of wine corks on hand, use them to make a corkboard with a twist, like this one on instructables. Glue them in place onto a board for a serviceable way to display them. Paint corks with indoor safe paints before attaching them, or add trim or a frame for an added element.

Have an old corkboard and some leftover fabric? Give the board a makeover by placing fabric over it and attach on the back side with a staple gun, or pin it in place with thumbtacks, fabric or furniture pins. Be sure to stretch the fabric tightly for a clean look. Use decorative or colored pins to blend in with the fabric, or make a pattern with contrasting colors. Change out the display when you grow tired of it or move it to another area.

Need a place to stash keys, jewelry or other items that can be put up and out of the way? Cup hooks can be easily screwed into a board to hang things on. Bolt it to the wall or fasten a picture hanger on the back to hang it in place.

It you have ribbon, lace, ropes or other similar objects that can be strung, wrap them around a board for a place to put letters, lists, children’s’ artwork or other normally free-roaming papers and items. Loop tightly around any direction and secure the material on the back side with a staple gun or finishing nails for a convenient holding board.

Reclaimed board projects are an instantly useful way to repurpose items. Perfect for offices, kitchens, garages, hobbies, kids’ rooms or anywhere a little organization would benefit the space.

Image Source: instructables

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