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Light Fixtures Made From Laundry – and Other Luminous Designs

From self-powered lamps to light fixtures made from dirty laundry, the following lighting designs are innovative and well hung in any modern home, facilitating the change to Eco-friendly illumination to keep homeowners out of the Dark Ages.


Image source: Trend Hunter

Living Light pendant lamps make luminous vessels for hanging plants. Designed by Michael Oechsle, they allow you to enjoy a suspended garden of herbs right above your dining room table. Other than the occasional tending, herbs are nourished both by light and a water reservoir that lies at the top. Through the forces of gravity, the water seeps down within the lamp and keeps herbs hydrated.

Fixtures not only harbor living plants, they generate their own energy, powering themselves with the use of OLEDs, or organic light-emitting diodes (LEDs). OLEDs derive their energy from the nutrients in the plant’s rich, moist soil.


Image source: Trend Hunter

Designer Jay Watson may well have solved the ill that is the mate-less sock, incorporated discarded stockings into fashionable shades for his collection of Sock Pendant Lights. The lights are not mere novelty, but are actually crafted from old socks, collected and re-purposed by the designer. Lest you worry, the reclaimed garments are given a good cleansing before use.

Sock Pendant Lights appear like lanterns, emitting a soft glow as the wrinkled fabric captures the harsh glares of LED lights like fireflies in a jar. If you wish to participate in creating new pendant lights, you can send Watson your own used socks to be implemented in his future designs.


Image source: Trend Hunter

Call it lightening in a jar, Bright Side lights are stylish and recyclable. Each light is unique, with slightly different molds and shape from the others. In addition, all lights have a message inscribed on the jar that projects inspirational quips onto your wall when lit. These, too, are unique from one another, with messages like ” In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

Often, this is so. If only lights were crafted with recycled jars to begin with.

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