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A Paper Strip That Detects Cancer In Urine Samples

The field of modern medicine is a constantly evolving machine — from the “Dark Ages” of healthcare practices just a century ago (where the flu killed way more humans than it ever should have), to the pedestal we currently stand on today.

We’ve finally become rationally concerned with the health status of our bodies. Sure, obesity is a major topic for many nations across the world, but despite what you hear on CNN, obesity rates are actually in decline.

A new tool in the fight against misdiagnosing illnesses is the Scanadu Scout, also known as a “Real-Life Tricorder“. Developed and created using crowdfunding, the Scout connects to mobile devices and takes real-time scans of your body to determine what, if any, illness you may be suffering from.

The Scanadu Scout is limited in how many illnesses it can identify, but it’s a great start down the path towards turning everyone into a bonafide Doctor McCoy.

Another amazing tool has recently been unveiled from researchers at MIT — a paper strip that identifies cancer from urine samples in less than an hour. If you’ve ever taken a pregnancy test, then this paper strip examination would be old-hat for you.

Not only can the paper strip identify certain proteins related to cancer, but it can also be used to diagnose a variety of other diseases as well. Picture it as a medical litmus test of sorts.

The tool isn’t ready yet for field work, but when it’s cleared clinical testing, it will be used in developing nations to curb their high cancer mortality rates, which account for 70% of deaths from cancer worldwide.

Some of the first patients the test will be given to are those considered “high-risk” for cancer, such as individuals who’ve had it before, or those whose family it runs in.

Eventually, researchers want to develop a long-term monitoring solution that can be placed just under the skin for preventative measures.

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