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Zelectric Turns Classic VW Beetles into Electric Cars

Instead of designing a whole new vehicle to produce an electric car, one company is retrofitting classic VW Beetles with electric drivetrains, letting style-conscious drivers get behind the wheel of a (now) zero-emissions icon.

The auto world is turning out all sorts of new designs for electric vehicles, with some being modifications of existing new car models, and others designing them from the ground up.

But there are a lot of great pre-owned classic cars that could be a good fit for an electric vehicle conversion, including the 60s era VW Beetle.

Zelectric, out of San Diego, California, offers investment-grade collectible cars, fully fitted out with the most advanced electric drive systems on the market, and is just about ready to debut its first piece to the public this weekend.

“It’s the iconic car you grew up with, reborn. Classic outside, Tomorrowland-electric inside. 100% Plug-in. Lithium batteries. AC Motor. Charge at home, office or public charging station. 80–100 mile range. 80+ MPH. Zero to sixty? Under 9. Pure adrenalin.” – Zelectric

The ZelectricBug will be shown at Goodguys Meguiar’s 13th Del Mar Nationals on April 5th and 6th, and then on the 7th, it will be on display at the La Jolla Motor Car Classic.

The fully restored Beetles, capable of an 80 to 100 mile range, are said to include the following components:

  • Motor – HPEVS AC-50
  • Batteries – CALB (37) 180Ah
  • Controller – Curtis 650 AMP + Regen Braking & Chill plate
  • Charger – Elcon 2500
  • Custom Aluminium Battery Boxes (front & back)
  • DC/DC Converter – Chennic
  • VW Adaptor Plate – Custom EVWest design
  • Heavy Duty Clutch – Kennedy Stage II
  • Lightened Flywheel
  • Hall Effect Throttle Assembly
  • Charge Ports 110 & J1772 (custom/hidden)
  • Digital and Analog Gauges

The price for driving one of these remarkable cars is largely influenced by the cost and condition of the original vehicle, which can be quite significant ($15,000 USD and up) even before modification for electric drive. According to Zelectric, the models that will be offered for sale will probably end up costing between $45,000 and $60,000, depending on the particular car.

Find out more at Zelectric, and get on the mailing list  to find out when reservations and deposits will be taken.

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