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Your Idea for Solving the Climate Crisis Could Win $10,000

An online forum from MIT, called Climate CoLab, provides a place where people can create proposals for solutions for dealing with climate change, in essence harnessing the collective intelligence of people across the world to work toward climate solutions.

And it’s also a place where the best idea gets a $10,000 award and an invitation to present their proposal at conference at MIT.

The contest from Climate CoLab breaks down the complex problem of climate change into a series of more related sub-problems, which are simpler to address than the overarching subject of climate change as a whole. People can register and submit their own proposal, analyze or support the proposals of others, and add comments to help users refine or adapt their proposals.

For 2013, the contests cover 17 topics, such as scaling renewable energy technologies, reducing consumption and increasing industrial efficiency, replacing diesel generators with renewables, and building resilient adaptation to climate change in agriculture, forestry, and urban areas.

Once proposed and reviewed by the CoLab Fellows and CoLab Advisors, the ideas will be judged according to their potential impact on climate change, the feasibility and novelty of the idea, and the presentation itself. Finalists will then see their ideas submitted to the members of the Climate CoLab community for a vote.

Winners of the contests will present their proposals at a conference at MIT later this year, to an audience comprised of people in a position to implement those ideas, such as policymakers, business investors, and representatives of NGOs.

To find out more, head over to the contest page at Climate CoLab.

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