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YBIKE Evolve is a 3-in-1 Kids Bike Combo

YBIKE Evolve is a 3-in-1 Kids Bike Combo

Image source: ybikeusa.com

Perhaps the greenest and most efficient mode of transportation we’ve come up with yet isn’t something new and high-tech, but rather the humble bicycle, and a new version of a kids starter bike can help get your young ones up and rolling in no time.

The YBIKE Evolve is a 3-in-1 pedal trike and balance bike combo that can evolve along with the child’s ability, giving them an early headstart in cycling.

For the youngest, the YBIKE can be pedaled as a tricycle, giving them the ability to be self-powered across the floor or down the sidewalk. Once they’re a little more skilled, the bike can be transformed into a balance bike with a wide rear wheel (actually a double wheel), which will help them learn the art of balancing without them needing to also learn how to pedal at the same time. And when they’re comfortable with the double-wheeled version, they can graduate to the fun and functional single rear-wheel balance bike for hours and hours of gliding and rolling.

“The Evolve means that children learn how to balance instinctively at the same time as having fun. The adjustable seat accommodates the growth of your child from the age of 2 upwards to 5 without the use of training wheels, which can teach habits that later need to be unlearnt again. It can be easily transformed by adjusting the back wheels in a few minutes, without the need for specialized tools or technical know-how.”

The YBIKE Evolve is currently in a crowdfunding phase on Kickstarter, and for a contribution of $95 or more, you can be one of the first to get one for your kids (estimated delivery in October 2013).

Find out more about the line of innovative riding toys at YBIKE USA.

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