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Is This the World’s Smartest Light Switch?

World's Smartest Light Switch Offers Gesture Control

Image source: getgoldee.com

The coming “Internet of Things” is already in play at some houses, at least in parts and pieces, through home automation hardware, smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors, and even smart garden sensors. And now, a new piece of the puzzle, smart lighting, is on its way, thanks to Goldee, which is being billed as the “world’s smartest light switch.”

The Goldee Light Controller, which can be installed like any standard light switch, is compatible with regular lightbulbs, but in order to take advantage of the device’s “light scenes” and smart features, should be paired up with the new generation of lighting products, such as smart LEDs from Philips, LIFX or ilumi. The controller also connects to both iPhones and Android phones, allowing users to administer their lighting needs via smartphone.

“Users will enjoy smart features such as the Sunrise Alarm, which simulates the morning sunrise to make your morning rise easier. Sleep Timer naturally fades your lights to prepare your body for a good night’s sleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night, Night Mode helps you to get around by automatically turning on dim light. When you return back to bed, Goldee turns it off again.

Goldee automatically turns your lights off when you leave home and turns them on when you return. The Smart Security feature simulates your presence if Goldee notices you have been away from home for more than two days.” – Goldee

While this device could be a big gamechanger in home lighting, what’s not clear is if it would be worth the cost to install, especially if homeowners haven’t upgraded their lighting to smart bulbs and LED lights. However, it does appear that Goldee could be a great feature for a business owner looking to be able to control the ambiance of their store, restaurant, coffee shop, or studio.

The Goldee Light Controller is not yet in production, but is available for preorder, with an estimated delivery window of sometime in the summer of 2014. A single unit is priced at $249, and one controller with 3 LIFX smart bulbs is priced at $449. If you’re ready to take the lighting in your whole house to the next level, Goldee also offers 4 controllers and 12 LIFX smart bulbs for $1699.

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