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UK’s Giant Wind Farm

The world’s largest offshore wind farm in operation will be the London Array. When finished, it will power over 770,000 homes with its 1.2GW power output.

Swedish utility Vattenfall and ScottishPower have combined resources and jointly submitted plans for East Angolia Offshore Wind.

The recent UK Energy Bill seems to have won a victory here with the EAOW, showing that the future of renewable energy is within reach.

The government’s clean energy support will go into full effect in 2018, which is also when the EAOW’s first electricity will be produced.

Andy Paine, the EAOW’s program leader, said, “This is the largest renewable energy project that either Vattenfall or ScottishPower Renewables are developing anywhere in the world.” His statement continues, “We are delighted to have achieved this major milestone today, following three years of detailed planning and community consultation. East Angolia ONE is a major project that could make a significant contribution to the UK’s carbon reduction targets, and is larger than any offshore wind farm currently in operation.”

Wind speeds over large bodies of water are much stronger than on the land, which would mean a  land based wind farm of the EAOW’s scale, would not be as powerful. The previous leaders in the field of offshore wind farms were Vesta, Siemens, and REpower. Once completed, the EAOW will be difficult to best, considering the amount of time and resources put into the project. The UK’s Energy Bill also assisted in making this possible.

Europe has always been a leader in offshore wind farming technology, and continues to lead the drive towards wider implementation. By October of 2009, 26 wind farms had been completed, with an average capacity of 76MW. By 2010, Siemens Wind Power and Vestas had installed 91.8% of the world’s offshore farms.

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