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World’s First Build-at-Home Electric Car Kit

Imagine being able to build an all-electric race car at home, from a kit. If the iRacer project goes forward as planned, you may soon be able to fabricate one of the world’s first build-at-home electric sports cars in your garage or back yard.

A new partnership between Birmingham City University (BCU) and Westfield Sportscars Ltd will focus on developing the electric car kit, which will further strengthen the growing demand for cleaner transportation, as well as appeal to the DIY crowd.

According to BCU, the iRacer kit will sell for about £13,999 (~$21,000 USD), and can be quickly transformed from a pure electric vehicle to a hybrid or conventional internal combustion engine. The kit is designed for not just individuals, but also for universities and organizations wishing to advance the adoption of zero-emission cars.

The iRacer, measuring 11.8 ft long and 5.4 ft wide, is powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries and a pair of high-torque YASA-750 electric motors on the rear wheels, which can accelerate the car from 0-60 mph in under 5 seconds.

BCU is considering how best to involve both students and parents in the kit car project, and will be offering courses and master classes teaching the skills behind building these types of vehicles. The iRacer kit is also designed as a companion piece to Formula Student, which is called “the testing ground for the next generation of world-class engineers.”, and the kits will help students achieve more hands-on experience with small electric vehicles.

iracer kit electric car

“This is an exciting partnership between the School of Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Systems and Westfield Sportcars. The partnership will benefit students by developing a pipeline of valuable technical and employability skills, working on industry-led projects at the cutting edge of hybrid vehicle and full electric technology to aid the environmental agenda of reducing carbon emission.” – Parmjit Chima, Head of the School of Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Systems at BCU

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