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World’s First Bamboo Electric Mountain Bike

World's First Bamboo Electric Mountain Bike

Image source: e-wheels.dk/

Bamboo is an amazing renewable resource, as it’s not only capable of being used for everything from flooring to food to fiber (textiles and paper) to construction, but because it’s one of the fastest growing plants on Earth, groves of bamboo can be rapidly replenished. And now there’s yet another bamboo product on the market, this time the frame of an electrically-powered mountain bike, from E-Wheels, “The Beast”.

While bamboo-framed bikes aren’t new, an electric mountain bike made from bamboo certainly is, and E-Wheels claims theirs is the “world’s first electric bamboo mountain bike”.

Featuring a powerful (250W) motor from Falco eMotors, which is energized by a 36V 11.6Ah battery, the Beast has a front shock and disc brakes on both 26″ wheels, and is built around a Zambikes bamboo frame with top-notch components.

The Beast is only available in Europe at the moment, either as a DIY kit with all of the parts (€3499) or as a ready-to-ride bike for €3999.

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