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Wireless Sensor Measures Indoor Environment

A new little gadget will allow you to measure “everything that can be measured about indoors”, ranging from temperature and humidity to lighting and air quality, and then stream that data wirelessly to the cloud, where users can access it from any device.

If you really want to optimize the indoor environment in your home or workplace for the health and comfort of those living or working there, CubeSensors might be the right tool for the job, especially for people who like to use better data for making decisions.

CubeSensors are small environmental sensors powered by a rechargeable battery that will continuously monitor the local environment for temperature, light, air quality, noise, humidity, barometric pressure, and even vibrations. The devices are designed to fit unobtrusively in any room, and are small enough to be located in a wide range of locations.

The sensors stream the collected data to the cloud, allowing users to see historical trends, analyze the data, or view the current conditions in the room from the web or smartphone app. CubeSensors can also send alerts for user-defined conditions (i.e. high temperatures detected), as well as use the collected data to make suggestions for improving the environment inside the home or office.

“Put one in each room in your office or home, and get accurate and timely information about your indoor environment. You can:

  • understand when and why people start feeling drowsy at a meeting
  • measure why noise makes some uncomfortable and unproductive
  • know when and where to aerate rooms or office, adjust your temperature or setup quiet zones
  • understand effects of temperature and air quality on your sleep”

CubeSensors are available for reservation now, but won’t ship until sometime this summer. The price for two cubes and base station is $249, and for four cubes and a base station, the price is $349.

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