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Wireless Mesh Network Allows for Remote Home Automation

A new smartphone and web app will let users control their home, pool, or spa, wherever they are, using a wireless mesh “Z-Wave” network of devices. Homeowners can connect with their smart home from anywhere they have access to the internet access, enabling remote video of their property, access to the security system, and total control over all of the connected devices.

With the growing demand for home automation, apps and devices that can deliver a total solution that’s simple, powerful, and affordable will allow for more entry-level smart home installations, which can lead to better and more efficient use of energy for residential buildings. TotalSync fits the bill, and will soon be available as a modular plug-and-play system.

TotalSync connects to any appliance or outlet that uses Z-Wave technology, so users can monitor and control their home heating, cooling, lighting, and more, right from their phone or browser. By connecting a camera or Z-Wave door locking system, users can also tap into the security benefits of TotalSync, and for those who own a pool or spa, AquaSync allows users to program their units, not only for personalizing it to their schedule, but for better efficiency overall.

Users can also use TotalSync to set up “Scenes”, which are sets of preprogrammed actions that work together for specific situations:

“For example, you can have a scene for “Movie Night” where a button on the remote could dim the lights and turn on the AV components. A scene for “Arriving Home” could open the garage door, turn on the hall lights and disarm the security system. Z-Wave scenes are powerful tools for home control because they let simple user actions control complex events.”

A basic TotalSync package, which includes a controller, one appliance module, and one lamp module costs about $300 USD, and a bigger network, which includes a controller, one appliance module, one lamp module, two 15 Amp switches, two 600 watt dimmer switches, a thermostat, and a wireless camera, will set you back about $700.

For more info, see TotalSync.

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