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Ditch The Charging Cords

A handful of tablet and phone manufacturers today have wireless charging ports that come either pre-packaged with their products, or are available as an accessory purchase.

This new charging option, the first iteration being the Touchstone Charging Dock was first popularized with the Palm Pre phone, and also with the HP Touchpad.

The Touchstone Dock was an innovative device that solved a multitude of problems, first and foremost being the unnecessary cluttering of charging cords around the house.

Secondly, wireless chargers can be faster than the wired traditional. They also act as a dock to stand your phone/tablet up and view content such as movies, pictures, or music.

So why should we pay $25 – $50 extra for a wireless charger? Is it for convenience? Is it for looks? Do we really care?

The answer to those questions is a resounding “Yes”, and much, much more.

Yes, it’s a convenient alternative to looking around for an open plug. Yes, it looks cool and we should definitely care. And yes, it will ultimately go a long way towards reducing waste in landfills, lowering electrical costs, and encouraging new technologies.

It’s extremely easy to break a USB charger. Sometimes the tip is flimsy, and if we push it in our phones the wrong way often enough, it will bend or snap. I can’t tell you how many cords I’ve broken and needed to replace, simply because I bent the tip. The cord would break, I’d purchase a new one, and then repeat.

Wireless chargers, such as the ones for the Nexus line of phones and tablets, and the Nokia windows phones, are going mainstream, with Apple’s next iPhone expected to have a wireless charger out of the box. The next generation chargers will extend their wireless range, and even contribute to keeping toxic waste out of our landfills.



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