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Rooftop Turbines

Most wind turbines are placed offshore due to their sheer size and the possibility of dangerous incidents when and if they breakdown.

Wind turbines are now being placed on top of buildings.  Rooftop wind turbines include a guard to save from incidents from the blades but questions are normally asked about the efficiency of the turbine and whether or not it is cost worthy.

Typically, any device that can save money and energy from natural sources is a favorable incentive. The real issue with rooftop turbines is the cost to install and maintain them.  The regular cost of a rooftop turbine is about $4500 before the federal tax credit which drops it to about $3150. With not many turbines in use there is no functional statistics on how much energy can be saved and put back into the grid. At the moment, what we do know is that it is possible to run a rooftop turbine with as little as 2 MPH winds.  The unappealing factors are the noise and the fact that most will not receive full benefit if funding is not returned for five to ten years.  Another drawback is the cost of the installation and the overhaul of the rooftop.

A few models on the market have replaced the gears with magnets which help to easily turn the blades and create energy. In addition it helps with the unappealing noise factor. Rooftop turbines are completely more effective on top of buildings where the wind flow is current. Buildings can even create their own current helping the rooftop turbine to create more energy.

Wind turbines are not as sufficient in suburban and urban neighborhoods. Hopefully in the near future they can work out the kinks and the installation cost as it could be a fantastic commodity for every household helping the governments energy goal for 2030.

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