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What’s Next For Sochi?

The Olympics are finally over. Maybe your countries athletes performed admirably, or perhaps they didn’t quite live up to expectations. Whatever the case, Russia now has some major cleaning up to do.

You may have heard about their trashing of villages near the construction of the Olympic Stadium. Nobody really reacted to this news like they did upon hearing how China was displacing homeless people in anticipation of the 2008 Summer Olympics.

This should concern you. While “politics as usual” is nothing new, especially when it comes to environmental politics, this is a clear cut example of letting things slip by in order to avoid rocking the boat.

Rather than point out how Russia was way behind the times when it comes to environmental preservation, world governments were content to avoid the topic.

Sure, it wasn’t like they literally bulldozed an entire village, but when more practical methods of construction were readily available and still they went the dangerous route, somebody should have said something.

Environmental politics isn’t a trend, and perhaps not enough people understand that. Habitat destruction, a disappearing Amazon Rainforest, melting ice caps, and more are very real occurrences we should be working to prevent.

Rather than celebrating the earth once or twice a year on Earth Day and other “feel-good” holidays, why don’t we all concentrate our efforts to make our planet a more livable environment than the one we’re currently leaving for our children?

Russia has one of the worst report cards when it comes to eco conscious living. They simply do not care, or for the benefit of a doubt, act like they do not care.

The Sochi olympics are the world’s most expensive yet. Costliness is to be expected during Winter Olympic season, due to the construction of stadiums, ski slopes, etc. But what if some of their budget went into making the environment around Sochi more eco-friendly?

Rather than lead the world in having the biggest and bestest everything, why not lead the way towards developing a cleaner, renewable future? Instead of demolishing the Olympic stadium or abandoning it to nature’s vices, Russia should do something creative with the real estate, such as turn it into a research facility, an eco garden, indoor farming, etc.

There are so many viable options that abandoning the stadium should not even come up in conversation. Russia has signaled their willingness to work towards a cleaner future in the past. Why not begin with Sochi?

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