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How Graphene Will Change Everything

Happy Valentines Day!

If you’ve got nothing to do this evening, why not learn about graphene?


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You’ve probably heard quite a bit about graphene in the past year or so, and you’ll certainly be hearing more about it in the coming decade.

Graphene has the potential to completely revolutionize the world of energy, batteries, solar power, automobiles, and more. It’s a magical element with mindblowing capabilities, and we’ve only scratched the surface on what graphene can actually do for us. We can use it to charge our cellphones in mere seconds, or put it to use creating an efficient solar power transformer.

With all these possibilities, you’re probably thinking “That’s great and all, but what the @%#& is graphene?!?”.

Here’s a basic summary:

Be sure to check out the linked articles above, so you can be first in line when the first graphene cellphone charger debuts on Kickstarter, because you know it’s gonna happen sooner or later.

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