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The Weird World Of Cryonics

Not to be confused with ‘cryogenics’, which is the study of anything cold, cryonics is the scientific equivalent to what Han Solo went through when he was frozen in carbonite.

The popular thing today among the uber wealthy and crazy DIYers, is being frozen in a mixture of chemicals with the expectation of being “re-animated” sometime in the far future. Immortality is an elusive dream, but that doesn’t stop many would-be pioneers from trying, most notably Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek.

So what would some of the benefits of cryonics look like, provided it actually turns out to be real science? Well, for starters, an individual would get to see what the far future looks like, and the citizens of that future could learn about history straight from the source. That individual would also get to see whether or not our efforts on the side of environmentalism were fruitful or not.

The ugly truth about cryonics (again, provided it’s not mad science), would be a rapid spike in population growth. What if millions of people froze themselves, and were suddenly re-animated at the same time? I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to believe that this would negatively impact the environment and whatever resources still exist at such a time.

Pros and Cons aside, here’s a quick video showing us where we stand on the reality of immortality:

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