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Weather Channel Explores Tipping Points of Climate Change

Weather Channel Explores Tipping Points of Climate Change

Image source: bernice-notenboom.nl

We all know there’s a big issue for our planet with the connections between carbon emissions and climate change, but unfortunately, until it really hits us where we live, we may not pay too close attention to it.

But even if climate change isn’t directly affecting our lives right now in our neighborhoods, there are places on Earth that are in a near-crisis state due to the effects of climate change. In order to call attention to those places, and how it can affect lives and livelihoods, the Weather Channel is launching a new TV series, called Tipping Points, that explores those areas.

“The phenomena of “tipping points” follows the concept that, at a particular moment in time, a small change can have a large, long-term consequence on a fragile climate system already in a state of flux. Tipping Points will feature several of the most critical examples, including the collapse of the Greenland ice sheet, total melting of the Himalayan icecap glaciers, dieback of the Amazon rainforest, shutdown of the Atlantic thermohaline circulation, and the rapid melt of the Permafrost in Siberia. The show will explore how changes in any of these remote locations could reach far beyond their borders and ultimately impact people all over the world.”

Tipping Points is hosted by Bernice Notenboom, polar explorer and climate journalist, and will feature other notable environmental scientists, such as Torben Christensen, Peter Cox, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Matthew England, James Hansen, Tim Lenton, Yadvinder Malhi, Konrad Steffen, Katey Walker, Jay Zwally, and more.

The new show will premiere on the Weather Channel on Saturday, October 19th, at 9 pm (ET), so set yourself a reminder and tune in to get a glimpse at what can happen if some of those critical areas on Earth reach and cross the tipping point.

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