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Wearable Tech Turns Sustainable

If you love wooden jewelry and are no stranger to wearable tech, this new line may just be for you.

Wearable Tech Turns Sustainable

The team at Linou have created a collection of wearable technology, and along with their functional applications they also sport a bit of character.

The new designs include a watch and necklace that more resemble pieces of art, with their wooden forms and organic feel. The products just launched on Kickstarter, and the company claims to be breaking ground in this niche in the industry as the first collection of wearable technology that is also sustainably produced.

The Wood Tech Watch and the Notification Necklace are said to be unlike other wearable tech products, as these are made with sustainably minded materials. Most use plastics in their design but these pieces are made with natural woods, including walnut, timber, bamboo and sandalwood.

Wearable Tech Turns Sustainable

For those who want to stay in touch without being tethered to all of their various gadgets and screens, they can wirelessly connect with their iPhone and Android.

Wearable Tech Turns Sustainable

The look is simple. The Wood Tech Watch resembles a conventional watch style, and has the alert system concealed in the clasp area.

Wearable Tech Turns Sustainable

The Notification Necklace is a neat triangle shaped piece and the alert system is ingrained in the center.

Wearable Tech Turns Sustainable

The jewelry can also change color and alert wearers to notifications for apps, messages and reminders via the Linou app.

The price of having a stylish reminder to adorn? The Wood Tech Watch will set users back nearly $200.00 U.S. and the Notification Necklace goes for almost $100.00 U.S.

Wearable Tech Turns Sustainable

Functional, wearable and elegant, Linou’s collection makes the market rethink what on-body gadgets can be capable of.

All images via Linou.

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