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For some, the multi-tasking ability that comes with using a tablet PC along with a phalanx of other tech gadgets isn’t a question of desire, but one of necessity.

Unfortunately, good tablets tend to be on the pricey side of things.

Fortunately, DIY website Instructables has a neat tutorial on how to turn a used Macbook computer into a fully-functioning tablet.

What would the benefits be of choosing a self-built mactablet over a brand new iPad? For starters, it’s recyclable.

Sure, you could just as easily take your ancient Macbook down to your nearest Best Buy and recycle it, or even sell it on Craigslist.

But what if some of the parts aren’t working, such as the keyboard or trackpad? That’s when transforming the device into something usable becomes enticing.

Of course, the energy-saving and ecological aspects of this DIY project are also just as beneficial. It’s a great way to let loose the inner DIYer inside of you. For older Macbook models, the website HacknMod also has a tutorial designed for more ancient Apple devices. And if you’ve got a PC? We turn back to the Instructables for that one.

But perhaps you’re still using your laptop/desktop, and just want to make it touchscreen capable. No  problem, there’s a solution for that too. A company called PQ Labs has a neat video on Youtube on how to install a multi-touch overlay screen onto any LCD, from your desktop to your TV. This option, however, can get quite expensive depending on the size of the screen you’re looking to replace.

All of these options are viable and simple for even the most tech-phobic of computer users. They’re ecologically conducive and money-saving. It just makes sense to get some extra mileage out of something you paid a ridiculous amount of money for. And if it keeps the trash out of the landfill, then you’ve also done your good deed for the day. Well done.

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