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Going paperless – give it a go!

“Save the trees and stop global warming” she cried

We’re not really sure who “she” is, but someone has surely shouted that out at one point or another in their life, probably from a rooftop like in the movies.

Paperless everything is here for good now. E-reader devices, document scanners, e-magazines, etc are the new magazine stand, bookstore-down-the-street, xerox-printer-in-every-office trend, and the movement is growing.

You’re hopefully wondering how you might join this fad.

The answer is quite simple; do your research and ditch old habits. Maybe you work for a company who prints out paper like it’s their job, and perhaps it is. We encourage you to seek alternative ways of moving documents to and from their final destination, i.e. email, tablets, or eco-friendly paper.

If you must have that new contract saved for later use, consider scanning the original document with a scanner. Maybe you pass memos around the office. Why not email rather than print them? You’d be doing the environment a tremendous favor, as well as cutting costs exponentially each year, which will surely find yourself in the boss’s good will, and might even earn you a nice Christmas bonus.

The point is, if you’re looking to switch from paper to digital, the solution isn’t too difficult to find. A wonderful list of top-quality document scanners can be perused here.

You need only look as far as Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite to obtain an eco-friendly e-reader for yourself or your children. And e-books tend to be much cheaper than their paperback predecessor, and sometimes up to half the cost.

In a world where doing the absolute most is praised, try being the minimalist for a change, and see how it fits your lifestyle. I think you’ll find a burden has been lifted when you no longer clutter your home with paper waste, or spend lots of money purchasing new ink for your printer each month.

Paperless living is an exciting prospect, and it’s readily available right now. What’s stopping you?

Going Paperless-is-Green

Image source: www.qls.com

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