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Easy Ways to Green up Your Workspace

Beyond unplugging office equipment when you are not using it, thinking of ways to increase the green factor in your work area can conserve resources and energy.

Lighting is an important part of the workspace. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated that lighting accounts for around 20-50% of all electricity use.

Incorporating solar powered lighting into your working or reading area is a great idea. Instead of conventional lighting, adding solar lamps, which gather power during the day then work like regular lamps at night, is an uncomplicated way to enhance environmental friendliness at your desk. Making use of natural light and turning off lights when you are done working also help. Solar powered calculators have long been an affordable office staple but other areas in your workspace like fans, radios and clocks can be switched to solar as well.

Solar powered desk light

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Also according to the EPA, annual solid waste from U.S. based businesses alone equals 101 tons, and paper and packaging materials add up to 1/3 of the total landfill refuse. Moreover, the average individual in 2007 produced 4.62 pounds of waste each day, compared to 2.62 pounds in 1960.

To fight the increasing waste statistics, think before you toss out papers since you can reuse paper scraps for other tasks like to-do lists or notes. Also, don’t fall prey to overprint pursuits. Think before you print, and consider saving digital copies of necessary resources, as opposed to always having a paper copy. Enlist paperless routines and use secure, electronic storage when possible, instead of paper stocked file cabinets.

Also make sure to properly dispose of paper, as well as electronic items like old monitors, cell phones, equipment and chargers.

Some things you might not think of, like forgoing staples for recyclable aluminum paper clips, though a small action can make a difference over time. Additionally, your screen saver is not really saving anything. Not using a screen saver actually saves energy, as does opting to put your computer in hibernate or sleep mode instead of leaving it on when you are not actively using it.

Assessing need and reusing are essential actions that will aid any workspace. Purchasing used goods, like furniture and supplies, will cost a lot less than if they were bought at an office supply store, and donating unneeded items frees up your area.

Finally, stock your space with energy efficient office equipment. Once your workspace is in force, don’t clean it with lingering chemicals, but choose safe cleaning methods.

A lot of time is spent at your workstation, so rethink the ways you use it. Operating from a green perspective will have a positive effect on your productivity and the environment.

Green up your workspace

Image source: www.energyet.com

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