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7 Ways to Help Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation

Even Martin Cooper, commonly known as the father of mobile phones could not have imagined the penetration of his device into our lives. To the extent that mobile phones are being called the “third hand” of human beings.

Despite their prevalence, there are still concerns about the radiation emitted from the devices into our ears, and therefore brains.

In this post you can find some simple ways to protect yourself from radiation.

1. Go hands-free: Recent research say that wired telephones are less dangerous than mobile phones, so whenever you have access to fixed line phones go for them.

2. Use headphones: When you are on a call use headphones instead of talking over mobile microphone. Classical wired headsets are just as good as they separate you from the device. Another option is to use Bluetooth headsets which give mobility as well as isolating you from the mobile; Bluetooth’s radiation is far less compared to mobile radiation.

3. Keep it away : Don’t carry your mobile phones beside your body, carry your mobile in a purse or bag. Even during a call keep it away from the side of your face.

4. Switch it off: When you don’t use your mobile switch it off. When you’re not on a call your mobile will have constant interaction with towers emitting radiation. Modern mobile phones have a smart option called “Flight mode” in which the mobile is live but the service will be down.


5. Use low radiation devices: Next time you buy a new mobile phone check for Specific Absorbency Rate (SAR), it’s the amount of radiation a mobile causes your body to absorb. Manufacturers are not required to display but you can find this value via an internet search.

6. Know about EMF protection: A simple web search about Electro-Magnetic field protection will give you more than enough information to protect you from radiations.

7. Choose an appropriate carrier: Like choosing your mobile phone it is important to choose the right carrier and right technology. In some countries CDMA will be less harmful than GSM, so check the radiation factor before you subscribe to any carrier, spending a  few bucks extra now will save you in the  future.

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