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Wattio Offers Complete SmartHome Platform

Convert your home into a smart home with Wattio’s SmartHome 360º system, and take complete control of the energy used to power or heat it, right from your smartphone or tablet.

Wattio’s system uses smart gateways, thermostats, energy monitors, and plugs, networked together so that users can monitor and control everything with an app or via a web browser, potentially saving both money and energy.

In-home control of the SmartHome 360º is through the Wattio Gateway, which functions as both the hub for the system and as a local display of settings. The Wattio Thermic replaces the thermostat for temperature monitoring and scheduling, and the POD is a smart plug that allows for scheduling and remote control of appliances, including killing phantom power draws.

According to Wattio, users can save up to $130 in electricity and $300 in heating costs each year, and with the added ability to track and compare energy use over time or with other users, the system could give users customized energy tips and lead developers to even better energy management technologies.

The system also allows users to program events into their Wattio Gadgets that can trigger alerts or specific actions from the system, and because it enables remote access to appliances, can let users control them no matter where they are.

Right now, Wattio has a campaign on Indiegogo to further develop their system and build a user base, and will be adding more capabilities to the platform, including door and motion sensors and LED lighting, in the near future.

Find out more about SmartHome 360º at Wattio.

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