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Voltmaker Taps Kinetic Energy for Charging

Voltmaker Taps Kinetic Energy for Charging

Image source: thevoltmakers.com

When you get stuck with a dead battery in your smartphone or other mobile device during the day, having an emergency power source or backup battery means that you won’t have to do without. And this kinetic charger not only provides a backup source of power, but it can also charge itself up, again and again.

The Voltmaker is an ingenious little device, weighing just over half a pound and incorporating a 2000 mAh Lithium battery and a kinetic charging charging system, for easy access to power on-the-go.

The internal battery can be charged up via the wall outlet or a USB connection to a computer (in about 2 hours), which lets users hit the road with a fully charged backup power source, which can then be used to charge mobile phones, GPS, MP3 players, and more. Once the internal battery is fully discharged, users can fold out the rotor and spin it around the device to charge the Voltmaker or your mobile device up again.

Voltmaker Taps Kinetic Energy for Charging

Image source: thevoltmakers.com

Another feature of this charger is its open-source smart microcontroller that is said to optimize the charge and discharge cycles depending on the device, the power source, and the motions of the user. Android users will also get apps that can interface between the Voltmaker and their smartphone, giving them the ability to use the device as a game controller.

The Voltmaker is also built with scalability in mind, with the first add-on being a flashlight module that plugs into the USB-out port, supplying 20 lumens of light on just 0.3W of power. Future add-ons that can be built for this platform could include a water sterilizer, a radio, or an emergency light, and it could also be used as a power source for custom-built modules or components, such as an Arduino or other low-voltage device..

Find out more about the device, now available for pre-order, at Voltmaker.

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