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Urban Outfitters to Sell Jetson E-Bikes

Urban Outfitters to Sell Jetson E-Bikes

Image source: jetsonbike.com

The popularity of electric bicycles, or e-bikes, and other electrically-powered transport options is beginning to show a bit more, as seen by the announcement that the boutique retailer (and e-tailer) Urban Outfitters will soon be selling Jetson E-Bikes at five of their locations across the U.S..

“The Urban Outfitters shopper is looking for fun, savvy, stylish products that help make their lives more exciting and help them to express their individuality, so this partnership make sense for all parties involved. Electric bikes are quickly becoming the trending transportation alternative for everyone from city dwellers to students living on college campuses.” – Josh Sultan, CEO of Jetson Bikes

One of Oprah’s picks for her Favorite Things in 2012, the Jetson E-Bike is billed as the “best electric bike on the streets”, and has a lot going for it as a commuter bike, with speeds up to 20 mph possible and a range of about 40 miles.

These E-Bikes look more like scooters than bicycles, but they still qualify as a bicycle in most locations (no special license or registration necessary), and riders can still pedal them manually when they want to (or when they get discharged).

The bikes feature front and rear lights, disc brakes, an LCD display with speedometer and charge indicator, and can carry up to two people. The lithium-ion battery packs can be either charged in place or removed from the bike, with a full charge taking about 4 hours. Jetson claims the battery packs are good for 1000 charges, with each charge using just 5 cents (USD) worth of electricity.

Check out the Jetson E-Bikes at Urban Outfitters or at the company’s website.

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