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Upcycling Broken iPhones into Stylish Household Goods

Upcycling Broken iPhones into Stylish Household Goods

Image source: Twice Used

The icon of geeky hipsterdom, the iPhone, has one major weakness that is often found after an incident of clumsiness, which is usually accompanied by a wailing voice saying, “Aargh! I just broke my screen!”

That Gorilla Glass is pretty tough, but not tough enough to stand up to all direct impacts on a hard surface, and once it’s broken, where does it all go? Probably to the landfill, in most cases, which is not a very sustainable solution.

To try to help stem the tide of wasted gadget parts, Twice Used turns those bits and pieces into everyday items with an upcycled twist.

“Twice Used is a project set to serve dual purposes: Eliminate hazardous electronic waste by manufacturing modern household goods by hand in the USA. We have designed and prototyped a handful of attractive products that all have one thing in common: They are all made from used iPhone glass and other parts such as home buttons. All of this glass comes from iPhones that were in the clumsy hands of individuals all over the world. The phones were dropped, brought into a repair shop to be fixed, and then the glass was sold to us to make this artwork.” Twice Used

Twice Used turns old iPhone parts into clocks, tables, coasters, jewelry, picture frames, and more, and they’re looking for a little help to get their project some more traction. To that end, the Twice Used Kickstarter campaign is seeking funding that can help cover additional production materials expenses and labor costs. If you can get behind an upcycling project that takes broken parts from the iconic iPhone and gives it another life, head over there and chip in a few bucks.

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