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UNSW Team Unveils “Practical” Solar Electric Car

UNSW Team Unveils "Practical" Solar Electric Car

Image source: sunswift.com

The UNSW Solar Racing Team, also known as Sunswift, has just unveiled their entry into this year’s World Solar Challenge, and its design is a bit of a departure from the traditional single-seaters that get designed for this challenging race.

Instead of a vehicle that would look right at home in a sci-fi movie, the team at Sunswift built their latest solar car with a sporty two-door design that could be a candidate for the practical solar car of the future.

“Boasting zero-emissions, the solar-powered beauty leans towards private transport applications, standing with the potential to be Australia’s first practical solar car.” – Sunswift

UNSW Team Unveils "Practical" Solar Electric Car

Image source: sunswift.com

While we’ve covered some of the other entries to this year’s World Solar Challenge, Sunswift’s story is a bit different, as the team turned to crowdfunding to help them finance their latest creation, eVe, raising A$27,215 toward the build at Pozible.com.

UNSW Team Unveils "Practical" Solar Electric Car

Image source: sunswift.com

“One of the reasons we’re so excited about eVe is that she’s the first solar car we’ve built that looks just like a normal car. We’re scrapping the Jetsons designs of our previous three-wheeled models and making something more like the car you drive already – a safe and practical vehicle with the additional benefits of zero fuel consumption, and ultimate sustainability!

There’s no point in making an energy-efficient car if no-one wants to drive it. eVe is more than just an experiment: if we have our way, she’s something that you might actually be able to own and drive in the near future.”

“We wanted to create the sort of car you could drive anywhere, all while keeping the design cool and producing zero emissions. We think this car is a symbol for a new era of sustainable driving in Australia.” – Sam Paterson, mechanical engineering student and project manager

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