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Two-Wheel Drive Folding Electric Bike

Two-Wheel Drive Folding Electric Bike

Image source: nikosmanafis.wix.com

The electric bicycle market is booming, as more and more people are beginning to recognize how convenient (and cheap to run) they are, especially in urban areas. There are all sorts of different types of configurations, from electric add-ons for conventional bikes to fully electric versions, but this electric bike prototype goes it one further, by folding up for ease of storage.

This e-bike concept from Nikos Manafis has a frame made from folded sheet metal, and includes not one, but two in-wheel electric motors (250W each) that can either be driven separately or together (for either a longer range or for more power).

Prototypes of this e-bike are said to include an iconic Brooks saddle and 3D-printed tail lights.

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