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Two Energy Efficiency Apps Go Free for Earth Day

One of the simplest and most effective ways for us to lessen our environmental footprint is through home energy efficiency, and in honor of Earth Day, two great mobile apps for guiding that process are available for free.

Both apps come from Verde L3C, and can help iPhone/iPad users to make smart decisions in the process of gaining energy efficiency in their own homes.

The first app, Verde, aims to educate consumers about their energy use and find the best eco-friendly products for their home, and according to the company, users that follow the suggestions and upgrade to more efficient products can save over $700 in utility bills.

“The VERDE app is an energy savings calculations tool to help people perform an energy audit in their own home. The app can be used as many times as you want, and helps demonstrate to the average user how to save in energy efficiency upgrades with each eco product. It can also be used to show how behavioral changes, like hibernating a computer or turning off lights in rooms unused, can lead to significant savings.”

The second app, Stopwattch, allows users to measure the energy usage and cost of any appliance or electronics device in their house, using local energy rates. The app has common items as default (TV, heaters, gaming systems, coffee makers, etc.), but users can also enter the specs of other items not listed, in order to see the energy use and associated cost to operate them.

The latest version of Stopwattch includes the option for calculating the cost for electric vehicle charging, either for comparison shopping for electric vehicles or conventional gas cars, or to estimate annual costs.

Learn more about these energy efficiency apps at Verde, or download them for free today.

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