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Turn Your Smartphone Into Smart Remote for Your House

Turn Your Smartphone Into Smart Remote Control for Your House

Image source: getbenki.com

We can watch funny cat videos while we wait for the bus, or check our email while on a walk, or share pictures of our lunch, almost instantly, with our smartphones.

We’re almost always just a click away from being connected to the internet, whether we’re at home, at work, or at play, and our smartphones, with their powerful processing power, can make so many things easier for us.

However, our smartphones aren’t nearly as connected they could be, as we still need to manually turn off the lights at home, or lower the temperature for the AC or heater, or turn the slow cooker on, or check in the basement for flooding.

But a new home tech solution, connecting a series of devices to a mobile app on your smartphone, will allow you to control your appliances from across town, or monitor your front door from the back lawn, or start cooking dinner while you’re driving home.

According to Benki,

“We use our smartphones for everything, and we should be able to control all our appliances and devices from mobile apps as well. No matter where we are.

We should be able to tell our appliances what to do once and have things run smoothly from then on without us thinking about it. Our appliances and devices should be assisting us and then staying out of the way.”

Benki offers “Socket”, a smart outlet (with a light sensor, temperature sensor, and microphone) that plugs into any receptacle, “View”, a small remote camera (with light and temperature sensor and LED for low-light conditions) and “Break”, an open/close sensor (for windows or doors) that can be quickly and easily installed in any home with WiFi.

The devices connect you to your home through a mobile app where schedules and settings can be accessed or changed, or linked together for custom actions, and turn your smart phone into a remote control for your house.

If you’re into smarter homes and smarter phones, Benki is in a crowdfunding phase at Kickstarter right now.

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