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Turn Your Smartphone into a Universal Smart Home Remote

Turn Your Smartphone into a Universal Smart Home Remote

Image source: dymotics.com

A new app and control hub can allow you to turn your house into a smart home, and control all the appliances from your smartphone.

One of the huge advantages of moving away from standalone ‘dumb’ appliances and toward connected smart devices in our homes is not just the increased energy efficiency that is possible, but also the convenience of being able to remotely control and program every connected device for a more comfortable home. And with Dymotics, that capability is easier than ever before.

With the Dymotics app, your smartphone becomes a universal automation remote to control any of the smart lights and devices in your home, through a central hub connected to your home’s router.

Capable of connecting to Smart Things, ZWave, Hue, LIFX, and X10 devices, this app can handle scheduling of appliance or lights and sockets to fit your schedule, as well as manage them remotely. The app can also learn from your habits and suggest ways to reduce your energy use, and the corresponding carbon footprint.

  • Clockwork routines: Schedule your breakfast at the same hour every day, turn the heater on before you arrive home or set your music to wake you up every morning
  • You can manage your tasks wherever you are: A little thing like distance will no longer stop you from having your clothes washed by the time you arrive from work, or from opening the door for your guests before you get home so they can wait for you comfortably inside
  • Arrange your devices by environments: Take a picture of your living room or your kitchen appliances and add it to its corresponding space on the app
  • Customized alerts: We will warn you if your kids turn on the TV when they shouldn’t or if the lights have been kept on too many hours

Dymotics just completed a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and you can sign up to try out the beta version on their website.

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