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Turn Tap Water into Supercharged Water with AQUA POD

Turn Tap Water into Supercharged Water with AQUA POD

Image source: nkdaqua.com

Instead of just drinking plain tap water from your water bottle, why not filter it and supercharge it with minerals and electrolytes, while you drink?

A new product claims to be able to not just filter the water you drink, but to also turn your average everyday tap water into “mountain quality spring water”, thanks to a unique filter.

“The nkd AQUA POD transforms ordinary tap water into mountain quality spring water through a 100% natural clean and green purification process as you drink. nkd AQUA is slightly alkaline and supercharged with the optimal level of natural minerals and electrolytes as found in nature.” – AQUA POD

According to nkd, mountain stream water provides enhanced hydration through the natural oxygenation and formation of “micro clusters” as it passes through natural vortices on its path through the mountains. The company says that this water, which is “declustered” and supercharged with trace minerals and electrolytes, can hydrate the human body faster than the “dead” water coming our taps.

To create a better way to hydrate the body, nkd invented their “Filtron System”, which not only filters and purifies it, but adds electrolytes and minerals to it. The AQUA POD water bottle integrates that activated coconut carbon filter system with a combination of natural volcanic minerals and puts it all right in your hand. According to nkd, these filters remove chlorine taste and odor, bacteria and heavy metals, and can be used 300 times before needing to be changed.

“We were able to recreate the same water as found in natural mountain springs, all within one bottle. We combined our eco-friendly system with an ergonomic easy grip design to create a bottle that reduces waste and saves anyone drinking conventional bottled mineral water thousands of dollars a year.” – Piush Soni, founder of nkd AQUA

Right now, the AQUA POD is in a crowdfunding phase with a Kickstarter campaign, and backers at the £15 (~$24 USD) level will receive an AQUA POD water bottle and a six month supply of filters.

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