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Turn a Wine Bottle into a Lamp with this LED Cork

Turn a Wine Bottle into a Lamp with this LED Cork

Image source: suck.uk.com

Instead of putting candles, which have to be purchased again and again, into the mouth of an empty wine bottle for some mood lighting, this handy little LED light can be recharged again and again. It doesn’t flicker like a candle does, but it also doesn’t release anything harmful while being used, which can be an issue with candles.

With a USB charging port hidden inside a cork top, the Rechargeable Bottle Light offers a look that fits the bottle, and 2.5 hours of light from an hour of charging. A simple twist turns the LED bulb on and off, and because the quality of the light depends on the color of the bottle’s glass, it’s possible to create the right atmosphere for dinner or for mood lighting once dinner’s through and you’re just relaxing.

The Rechargeable Bottle Light is available from Suck UK for $15.

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