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Turn a Soda Can into a Camping Stove

Turn a Soda Can into a Camping Stove

Image source: tomsbiketrip.com

The best kind of DIY projects tend to be affordable, quick to construct, and highly functional, such as this one, from Tom Allen.

This camping stove, made from repurposed materials, could be a great addition to camping, backpacking, or emergency gear, and the fuel can be found at pharmacies, grocery stores, or hardware stores just about anywhere. The raw materials can come out of your recycling bin or trash can, and the entire thing can be built with just a pocket knife and a little time.

“One of the best gifts I’ve ever received on my travels is a stove made with nothing but a drinks can and a knife. In this video, we’re going to learn how to make it.

The stove runs on alcohol, of which the most common source is medical alcohol from your local pharmacy. For information on finding fuel for the stove, visit zenstoves.net/Stoves.htm#Fuels” – Tom Allen

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