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Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Desktop with LittleBox

Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Desktop with LittleBoxSometimes the advances in technology get away from us, and we don’t know how our gadgets are even put together, let alone how they work. But with the mini-computer revolution happening, it’s a great time to get started in building your own devices.

Thanks to innovations in tiny powerful devices, such as the Raspberry Pi units, it’s now possible to create your very own custom gadgets, from a laptop to a media center to a WiFi radio. But it doesn’t stop there, because one dedicated user has come up with a design to take a Raspberry Pi and turn it into a desktop PC, one that is lightweight enough to be a portable device.

Gregory Holloway has used a Raspberry Pi for several other projects, including a netbook, and set out to design and develop a full-on desktop PC powered by a Raspberry Pi, using the specifics of what he’d want from the device to guide his project. According to Holloway, some key factors were being able to build it yourself, being able to easily access the components and the SD card, to contain an amplifier and decent speakers, and to have a big enough screen to be able to watch movies on it.

What he ended up with is the “Raspberry Pi Powered All-In-One Desktop PC” DIY kit, which features a touch screen, a built-in power source, an integrated USB hub, an amplifier and speakers, and a laser-cut frame and stand. Users need to supply their own Raspberry Pi, SD Card, 12v power supply, and any peripherals, and the kit is said to take about 10 hours to put together.

Holloway has launched his LittleBox project on Kickstarter, and backers who pitch in at the £35 level can get the full plans and schematics, and those who kick in at £150 or more will be able to receive the components to build their own LittleBox.

If you’re more of a DIY electronics person, and don’t necessarily need any of the hardware, the full instructions are at Instructables: The LittleBox | A Raspberry Pi PC

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