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5 Video Games With An Eco Spin

Gamers, would you like a side of Global Warming with your post-apocalyptic environment?

Here are five video games with an ecological focus.


Image source: www.babydriz.wordpress.com

1. A New Beginning

This point-and-click PC game from Daedalic Entertainment featured an epic adventure in which you play as a group of characters traversing a world destroyed by Global Warming. The main purpose is to travel back in time to a period before major natural disasters wrecked the land and prevent the events from happening.


Image source: www.hdwallpaper.ws

2. Spore

Finally, a game in which you get to play the Creator of everything. Spore is basically the study of evolution disguised as a video game. You create a diverse array of organisms and evolve them into higher beings, while simultaneously building the environment around them. It launched to favorable reviews, and is quite an exciting and unique experience.


Image source: www.impulsedriven.com

3. Avatar: The Game

Set two years before the events of ‘Avatar’ the film, this video game follows a new avatar operator, and basically continues the storyline created by the film; humans versus aliens (or Settlers versus Indians if we’re being completely honest). Unobtanium, a rare mineral, is only available on the planet Pandora, and the only way to retrieve the mineral is by destroying the native aliens’ home. Thus sets the tone for the inevitable war…


Image source: www.search-best-cartoon.com

4. Global Warming

For those without gaming consoles or PC’s capable of handling massive games, there’s always Flash-based alternatives. Global Warming is a fun little time-killer you can play with your keypad and spacebar. Take control of a penguin whose iceberg is melting. Catch falling snowflakes and build your iceberg before it completely melts and you fall in the water. It’s (slightly) addicting, and good for a few minutes of fun.


Image source: www.hit.ro

5. Sim Animals

From the creators of the Sim City franchise comes an environmentally-focused video game geared towards children. Plant seeds, take care of animals, and basically become one with a pixelated nature. Available on Nintendo DS and Wii.

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