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Five Amazing Science Videos From List 25

Tired of scrolling through your Facebook/Twitter feeds? Have you read everything from the front page of Reddit and are waiting for new content to make its way to the top?

Perhaps you’re not in the mood to play the “What Should I Watch On Netflix” game at the moment. If this sounds like you, then perhaps you’ll enjoy these short and sweet videos that’ll send some science your way from List 25.

25 Unsolved Scientific Mysteries That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Do you ever wonder why you need sleep? Why you dream? And just what is that “Dark Matter” stuff you keep hearing about? Follow the links provided on the video page, and perhaps you’ll have something exciting to do after you tire of your boring Facebook friends.

Check it out:

25 Mind Boggling Facts About Our World

Think you’re pretty good at Earth Trivia? Think again. Here are some pretty obscure (but amazing nonetheless) facts about the Blue Planet you probably don’t know.

Check it out:

25 Rarest Animals On Earth

While not all of these are considered “endangered”, they’re still pretty fascinating all the same, and you’d be hard-pressed to track them down in the wild, unless your name is David Attenborough.

Check it out:

25 Strangest Geological Formations On Earth

The evolution of our planet would have been incredible to witness, but since our lifespan is limited, we would have missed out on most of the exciting stuff.

Still, we can view creation in all its glory just by looking around us. Some of it is breathtaking, while others are puzzling.

Check out a few of the puzzlers:

25 Biggest Man-Made Environmental Disasters Of History

With oil spills in the news seemingly every other day, you’d think we’d have learned how to prevent major disasters by now. Yet, humans find more and more creative ways of destroying our planet as time goes on.

Check out some of the biggest environmental headlines in recent years:

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