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Urb-e Is The Future Of Personal Transport

At CES 2014, tons of awesome (and less-than-spectacular) products were showcased and raved about. One of them was the Urb-e.

This tiny folding electric scooter is what we’ll all be cruising around on in the next few years. Check out The Verge’s quick review on the floor of CES:

The Urb-e has the functionality of a swiss-army knife, and the portability of a backpack, weighing in at just 25 pounds. It uses an iPhone as a dashboard to display battery power and range, giving added definition to the trend of connectivity between motor vehicles and gadgets.

While you can’t go to the store and pick one up just yet, the company behind the scooter, Ecological Mobility Solutions Inc., have planned a Kickstarter campaign to be launched in February, with a starting price for the Urb-e at $1,000 to $5,000.

Whether you’re riding down the street to Starbucks, or cruising around a large warehouse or office facility, the Urb-e has you covered as a go-to ecological transportation solution.

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