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This Wind Turbine Also Produces Clean Water

Wind turbines are an excellent method of producing clean energy, but one model takes that a step further by also turning out a thousand of liters of clean drinking water each day, even in the desert.

The Eole WMS1000 Wind Turbine can supply not only 30kW of power, but can also condense water out of thin air, making it a great fit for remote areas that need both power and water.

The founder of Eole Water, Marc Parent, took his inspiration from the water that collected after condensing in his air conditioner, and applied the same principle to the design of a wind turbine that could also function as a water producing device.

The atmosphere, even in arid regions, contains plenty of water (an estimated 13000 cubic km) that can be harvested and collected for human consumption, and the WMS1000 takes advantage of this moisture while it’s generating electricity.

“This is done using a condenser with a moisture exchange surface which is one meter wide and five kilometers long. It is equipped with a revolutionary “food safe” stainless steel quality alloy, especially adapted to producing drinking water. It can sustain the water creation process for decades, without risk of corrosion.

The water then flows through a five-tier water treatment system, including an ultraviolet filter, in order to make it perfectly safe to drink. The quality of water collected exceeds the drinking water standards required by the World Health Organization.” – Eole

The turbine is currently being tested in field conditions in the deserts of Abu Dhabi.

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