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This Torpedo Charges in Car, Powers Your Mobile

This Torpedo Charges in Car, Powers Your Mobile

Image source: brunton.com

We’re so attached to our mobile devices that when they run out of power, it feels like our day grinds to a halt. To keep that from happening, it can be very helpful to carry a backup power source with us, and one that doesn’t need to be attached to a wall outlet.

One mobile charger that fits that bill, and is perfect for those who commute by car, is the Brunton Torpedo 2800. No, you can’t fire it at anyone, but you can charge it up while you drive and use it to power your lunchtime Angry Birds addiction. And you could also throw it at someone if you really need a torpedo.

The Brunton Torpedo 2800 is designed with today’s drivers in mind, as it’s a mobile battery bank that can be charged during the commute or errand running, and then carried with you when you leave the car. It measures 12.7 x 2.5 X 12.7cm, weighs in at 135g, and the onboard Lithium-ion battery provides 2800mAh of reserve power. The Torpedo battery is said to last for more than 1000 charge cycles, while still retaining an 80% charge capacity. It charges from a vehicle’s 12V DC outlet in 2 to 3 hours, or via USB in about 3 hours.

This handy little device is available from Brunton or other online retailers in either black or silver, and sells for about $45 USD.

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