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This Sustainable Glue is Made from Recycled Styrofoam

This Sustainable Glue is Made from Recycled Styrofoam

Image source: ninelivesproducts.com

One of the most recognizable shipping and packaging components, expanded polystyrene (EPS), is kind of a pain to deal with. Those big bulky white chunks of styrofoam that protect fragile items while they’re in the box are big and bulky, which means they take up a lot of space in the waste stream (up to 30% of US landfill space), and yet they’re light, which makes them easy to be picked up by the wind and deposited across the land and ocean, where they contribute to our plastic pollution problem.

But one company has a great use for the material, as they have turned recycled styrofoam into a non-toxic craft glue, said to be “the only sustainable glue” on the market.

Nine Lives Products’ Glu6 is made by using “all-natural” ingredients to dissolve the EPS, which shrinks it by more than 30 times its original size, and then adding other natural ingredients to form a multipurpose adhesive.

The company produces two versions of their glue, a liquid and a paste, which can be used everywhere from home repair and DIY projects to school crafts and art projects.

“Glu6 is the only sustainable glue in stores today, glue that actually saves the environment! Glu6 is perfect for home repair, DIY, household, arts/crafts, and school projects. For non-porous surfaces. Plus, as it is made with renewable, all-natural ingredients, Glu6 is the only sweet-smelling adhesive around!” – Nine Lives Products

The glue is said to be waterproof and clear-drying, and the paste version dries flat, just like other craft pastes, so it could be a great “natural” alternative for replacing common school and household glues. The original liquid version sells for about $6 (2 oz size), and the craft paste sells for about $5 (2 oz size), available at Nine Lives Products website.

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