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This Solar Fire Starter Fits in Your Pocket

This Solar Fire Starter Fits in Your Pocket

Image source: soloscientific.com

For a great little gift for the outdoorsman or adventurer in your life, or for your favorite emergency preparedness enthusiast, or even your own “bugout” kit, you might consider picking up one of these little pocket devices.

The Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter, from Solo Scientific Inc., is a combination tinder box, solar fire starter, and signaling mirror, that’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

This little gadget has no moving parts, uses no batteries or flints or fuel, and can even start a fire using Xenon HID car headlights.

“The Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter™ is used to store fire starting tinder in the air/water tight tinder box portion of the unit that is sealed from the elements using an o-ring seal. This keeps the damp air/water out so your tinder always stays dry!” – Solo Scientific

The water- and airtight tinder box keeps your firestarting materials safe and dry, the tinder holder locks the tinder materials in place while lighting, and the parabolic reflector can be deployed in just seconds. In addition to being a useful survival and preparedness firestarter, the mirror can be used to signal for help in the case of a wilderness emergency.

The Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter costs just $39.95 USD, and is available from Solo Scientific or Amazon.com.

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