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This Plastic Polar Bear Teaches Kids About Energy Use

This Plastic Polar Bear Teaches Kids About Energy Use

Image source: caretosave.me

In order to really bring about a new energy paradigm, it’s important to start with our children, as the habits and attitudes they learn while young often end up being those they still have when they’re grown up. Educating our children on the importance of smart and reduced energy consumption can go a long way toward the helping the next generation build a more sustainable world.

And to help with that, Bobo, a plastic polar bear, can make the electrical demand in your house easier to understand, by displaying different colors at different levels of power consumption.

“Bobo is saving polar bears as climate change is melting their home. Help Bobo!

Bobo teaches kids an important lesson on good energy habits. It’s a fun way to learn about energy consumption while saving polar bears. Bobo helps your family to save money on electricity bills too.”

A smart sensor is clipped over one a cable from the electric meter, and a transmitter sends the data to Bobo, where it will display as a white light (below average use), a blue light (average electrical use), or a red light (above average use).

Bobo also comes with a storybook and a web app, which can help the family learn wise energy use through lessons and tips from Bobo. The app will also display the current electrical consumption and track the home’s use over time, allowing for a better understanding of home electrical demand.

Bobo is not currently on the market, but if you’d like to know when it is available for pre-order, you can sign up at CareToSave.me.

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