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This Little Birdi is a Smarter Air Monitor

This Little Birdi is a Smarter Air Monitor

Image source: getbirdi.com

Every winter, we read stories about people who lose their lives because of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is something that could be prevented with a simple detector that alerts residents to high levels of CO in the home. Just recently, we’ve seen some new versions of these air monitoring devices, such as the Nest Protect, but there’s another contender about to hit the market, and this one also has an avian name.

Birdi takes the traditional smoke and carbon monoxide a couple of steps forward, as it not only detects the possibility of a fire in the home, or a faulty heater, but it also monitors indoor air quality factors such as humidity, pollution, pollen and particulates in the air. And Birdi also helps keep the entire neighborhood safe, as it can alert friends, family, and neighbors of an emergency situation, and can even call 911 for you:

“If your neighbor’s house is in trouble, you probably need to know. Birdi lets everyone on the block know if there’s an emergency. Have an Airbnb guest? It’s probably best that they’re kept in the loop. Let’s not forget about grandma either. It’ll call her on her landline, and send you a notification that something is wrong. And if there’s a natural disaster on its way like a tornado, flood, or earthquake, your Birdi will signal you. It’s not just about fire anymore.” – Birdi

Like many smart gadgets, Birdi connects to an app on your smartphone, letting users receive alerts and giving them the ability to silence them in the case of a false alarm, such as burning toast or a meal preparation gone wrong.

If you’d like to be one of the first to put one of these smart air monitors in your home, the Birdi Indiegogo campaign page has the option for backers to reserve theirs now, which are expected to ship sometime in October 2014, just in time for next winter.

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