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This LED Bulb Doubles as a Rechargeable Flashlight

This LED Bulb Doubles as a Rechargeable Flashlight

Image source: momastore.org

LED bulbs are starting to pop up everywhere, from lighting up our homes and cars to illuminating our way in the form of flashlights, and they’re a natural fit for the eco-friendly lifestyle, because they’re not just bright, but they’re also a low-power option for saving money and energy.

Here’s a product that manages to combine an indoor lighting fixture with a handheld gadget, as it features the ability to be screwed into a standard light socket and then removed to use as a handheld flashlight.

“Bulb Flashlight is a bright, low-heat LED rechargeable bulb that doubles as a handheld flashlight. Works and recharges in any standard screw-in light fitting. When charged, extend the telescopic handle and use it as a flashlight up to three hours. It uses just six watts of power to produce light equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb. The LEDs will last up to 60,000 hours.” – MoMA

The Bulb Flashlight, which is a MoMA exclusive, is the design of Lin Guo Hui, who integrated a small rechargeable battery into the base of a 40W LED bulb and added an extendable base that doubles as the handle of the flashlight.

According to Wired, the bulb has a regulator built into it that allows it to be used with an AC power supply ranging anywhere from 85 to 235 volts, so it’s as useful in Europe and China as it is in the United States. The cost for the Bulb Flashlight is $45, which may seem steep – until the first time you really, really, need a flashlight.

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