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This Hand-Cranked Espresso Machine Goes Anywhere

If you’ve got a taste for espresso, and you want to be able to drink it anytime, anywhere, even far off the beaten path, then this portable espresso machine might be just the right tool for the job.

Imagine an espresso machine that uses no electricity (or fuel of any kind, for that matter), is small enough to be portable, and can produce high quality shots of espresso just using a hand pump.

Well, it’s almost here, as the Nomad portable espresso machine lives up those expectations, and is well on its way to being funded through Kickstarter.

You have to supply the hot water, but this little espresso machine does the rest.

The Nomad uses a hand-operated lever to produce 9 bars of pressure, and it offers control over the volume, flow rate, and pressure used in each shot that gets pulled.

It even works with coffee that isn’t ground to the proper size for espresso, due to a proprietary technology, called the True Crema Valve, which enables a great shot of espresso regardless of the variations in grind size or tamping. The machine measures just 15 cm on a side and weighs in at about 1 kilo, which makes it a good candidate for traveling or backpacking.

If the Kickstarter campaign for the Nomad gets fully funded, which it appears likely to do, then we might be able to see the Nomad on the shelves of our favorite gear shops in the next year. But if you kick in $165 or more in the next 12 days, you’ll get a limited edition Kickstarter version of the Nomad, way before anyone else has a chance to buy one.

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