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This Gadget Takes the Guesswork Out of Home Renewable Energy

This Gadget Takes the Guesswork Out of Home Renewable Energy

Image source: bettergeneration.co.uk

If you’re considering installing a small renewable energy system at home, such as photovoltaic solar panels or a small wind turbine, you might want to find out just how much energy you can expect to get from those systems at your location, before spending the money.

One way to do that is through using a little device that is said to accurately measure the wind and solar energy potential at your location, such as the Power Predictor.

This gadget measures the wind speed and direction, as well as the solar potential, and sends the collected data to an online portal which generates a “Power Report” and delivers a financial analysis of your renewable power options, so you can make the best decision possible for your home energy needs.

The Power Predictor includes an anemometer (said to be accurate to +/- 3%), a wind vane for measuring wind direction, a solar PV cell for capturing solar data, a data logger, an LCD screen for live updates, an SD memory card, and the cables to connect it all. The device may need to be mounted on a mast (sold separately) to get the most accurate data, and is said to be simple to install.

Once installed and operating in the location you’re considering for PV panels or wind turbine, the collected data can be sent to the PowerPredictor.com portal (accessible via web browser), and used to generated a full analysis of the renewable energy potential for your location. According to the company, data from the Power Predictor is much more accurate than using modeled data from weather stations or a one-time site visit from an installer, and could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run, when compared to simply buying a PV or wind turbine system based solely on the system’s specs.

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