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This App Helps You Get Your 30 Minutes of Daily Exercise

This App Helps You Get Your 30 Minutes of Daily Exercise

Image source: human.co

One of the simplest and most effective ways to get healthier (or to stay healthy), is to be active and moving for at least 30 minutes every day, whether it’s walking or riding a bike or hitting the gym.

But unless you meticulously track your daily activities, how do you know whether you need to move more, or if you’re getting that daily recommended exercise? One way could be through using this free app, which automatically tracks your activities, even inside, and keeps track of how much you move every day.

The Human app, which is currently only for iOS, runs in the background and monitors your daily activities for you, without the need to start a timer or manually record the time you spend on your lunchtime walks or climbing stairs at work. The app is free, and it allows users to set daily movement goals of 30, 60, or 90 minutes, and then it automatically records all of your indoor or outdoor activity that lasts for one minute or longer.

“Exercising can and should be a part of your life – from people who are already fit, to those coping with problems such as stress, anxiety or obesity. Human inspires you to move and enjoy life with simplicity instead of counting steps. All you need to do is move: Human picks up all your exercise automatically and tells you how much you’ve done or still need to do. I couldn’t be simpler, and it’s very effective: people who use Human to do the Daily 30 move 40% more on average.” – Human app

After setting the daily movement goal for themselves, the app tracks not only how long users move each day, but also how many days in a row they hit your goal, the number of minutes per week they’ve been active, and what their weekly average is.

Users can see the history of all of their activities, including maps and details, and can share their progress on social media channels with their friends or family, which can help them get support and encouragement, or to compare stats with each other.

Get Human here.

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