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This 3D Printer is Controlled by Thought

This 3D Printer is Controlled by Thought

Image source: www.thinkerthing.com

With the recent advances in 3D printing, it’s now possible to own a small desktop model capable of building parts or printing prototypes, which seems like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. But now another development is taking the technology even further, with a 3D printer than can be controlled by your mind.

3D printing is an amazing resource, but it’s not enough to just own a unit, because you also need to know how use it, and this invention could be a shortcut to 3D printing mastery, even for kids.

“What is the point of these printers if my son cannot design his own toy?. I realised that while there were a lot of people talking about the hardware of the printer no-one really seemed to be talking about how to actually use it.” – Bryan Salt, CEO of Thinker Thing (via BBC)

“We detect the brain patterns of the user using an Epoc neural headset and use that to to understand their emotional response to certain features in visual stimulus based on our evolution system. We can then determine the underlying DNA features that evoke responses and use that in a natural selection process to refine the next generation of objects.

In this way, over a short period, the user grows a model using their mind.” – ThinkerThing

Find out more about the Monster Dreamer at ThinkerThing.

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